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Utada Hikaru

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Utada Hikaru


Utada Hikaru (宇多田ヒカル) is one of Japan's most successful artists of all time, and has sold over an estimated 40,000,000 records. She is completely bilingual as she was raised in both New York and Tokyo. Utada Hikaru is also known in the west under her English language project name 'Utada'. Utada also sang the Kingdom Hearts themes, Hikari / Simple and Clean and the theme songs for Kingdom Hearts II, Passion and Sanctuary. Originally, Utada's music had a heavy R&B style to it, but now her music has progressed to a more pop / experimental tone. Her R&B sound was what brought her so much attention with her first release in Japan, Automatic / time will tell, as there were no other artists with her distinct style. Utada was originally married to director Kiriya Kazuaki, who directed the movie CASSHERN, however in March 2007 the couple split. Currently in Japan she has album sales totalling 24 million copies, singles sales of 23.2 million copies and VHS/DVD sales estimated 3 million copies sold.


Further Information to be found at wiki.theppn.org

Album: Distance 

Album: Deep River

Album: Deep River (mirror)

Album: HEART STATION (Album)

Album: Distance :

Album: Exodus (English Album)

Album: Ultra Blue


Single: Devil Inside (English Single)

Single: Devil Inside (English Single)(mirror)

Single: COLORS

Single: Colours

Single: First Love

Single: Flavor Of Life

Single: For You ~ Time Limit

Single: Heart Station/Stay Gold

Single: Hikari

Single: Can You Keep A Secret?

Single: Beautiful World ~ Kiss & Cry

Single: Automatic ~ Time Will Tell

Single: Addicted To Youu

Single: Exodus '04 (English Single)


Single: Addicted to You

Single: Automatic ~ Time Will Tell

Single: Beautiful World ~ Kiss & Cry 

Single: Can You Keep A Secret 

Video: Video: performing Fight The Blues on Music Lovers


Single: Heart Station  - DJ Amaya's 2008 Angel at Dawn Remix 


Single: Final Distance - DJ Amaya's 2008 Angel at Dawn Remix

Single: Holiday Special Live '05

Single: You Make Me Want To Be A Man

Single: Wait & See ~Risk~

Single: Traveling

Single: Sakura Drops ~ Letters 

Single: Passion

Single: Movin' on Without You

Single: Hikari

Single: HEART STATION/Stay Gold


Single: For You ~ Time Limit

Single: Flavor Of Live

Single: First Love single




Single Tracks:

Do You (feat. Utada)

Hikaru Utada - Blow My Whistle (feat. Foxy Brown)

Utada, Timbaland & Kiley Dean - By Your Side album - Unity


Single Download Links:

1. Automatic Album Edit~

2. Movin' on without you

3. In My Room

4. First Love

5. Amai Wana Paint It, Black (甘いワナ; Sweet Trap)

6. time will tell

7. Never Let Go

8. B&C Album Version~

9. Another Chance

10. Interlude

11. Give Me A Reason

12. Automatic Johnny Vicious Remix~ (Bonus Track) 

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