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Our moderators


Luna (inactive)

Gender: female

Age: 19 years

location: Germany

A-S Job: Occasional cleaning up.

Kamenashi Sayuri aka Cleo (mostly inactive)

Yahoo ID: ennasus84

Gender: female

Birthday: 25.02.1984

Location: Germany

A-S Job: Girl for everthing, drama section editor.

Comment: まだ まだ だね (Mada mada dane).

Kanika (inactive)

yahoo ID: taliahneth

Gender: female

Age: 24

location: Australia

A-S Job: responsible for Anime and Manga updates in their sections and main site editor.

Comment: "I'm travel sized for your convenience!"

Kella (inactive)

yahoo ID: kella_chan

Gender: female

Birthday: 01.10.1987

location: Montreal, Canada

A-S Job: mostly uploading and updates

Comment: Never Give Up... Keep On Fighting!!!

Akatsuki038 (inactive)

yahoo IDs: Akatsuki038

Gender: female

Age: 20 years

location: Germany

A-S Job: banner creator, uploading and updates

Comment: ~ bokura wa kitto kurayami no kainakara umaretekita~


yahoo ID: saladgrl

Gender: female ^^

Location: somewhere in southern CA

A-S Job: Link Checker

Comment: none for the moment

Sue (inactive?)

yahoo ID: geral_great

Gender: Female

Age: 27

Location: Malaysia

A-S Job: Link Checker




Our Special Thanks:


Maria-chan (active)


Image hosted by servimg.com 

yahoo ID: dellaportamaria 

Gender: female

Age: 31

Location: Greece

Credit: The creator of this Wiki.

A-S Job: Keeping the Wiki and Group alive. Uploading and updating.


If you would like to be credited on this page you either become a moderator or a regular uploader. Regular uploader is somebody who uploads anime/manga/music/drama/games on a regular basis, has uploaded a full series or at least 10 episodes/chapters/songs etc.


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