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Sketchbook ~Full Color's~

Page history last edited by Maria 14 years, 8 months ago
Alternative title: スケッチブック ~full color'S~ (Japanese)
Genres: Slice of Life
Vintage: 2007-10-01
Opening Theme: "Kaze Sagashi (風さがし)" by Natsumi Kiyoura
Ending Theme: "Sketchbook o Motta mama (スケッチブックを持ったまま)" by Yui Makino


info from: Anime News Network


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Episode Title file type uploader sub group
01   avi laaerie Moose
02   avi laaerie Moose
03   avi laaerie Moose
04   avi laaerie SpoonSubs
05   avi laaerie SpoonSubs
06   avi laaerie SpoonSubs
07   avi laaerie SpoonSubs
08   avi laaerie SpoonSubs
09   avi laaerie SpoonSubs





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