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Page history last edited by Maria 14 years, 8 months ago

2007 Archive

22. December 2007

(1.09pm GMT+9)



Waaaaaaah~~~ *runs around like a headless chook* only a few days until christmas...just a few days....so much to do! >_< Why is it I always plan to have everything done weeks in advance only to STILL be rushing around last minute!? Aya~~~


Well for those of you NOT running around like ants on red cordial~ Heres something to kill some more holiday time with! woohoo!


Rental Magica ~ Minami-ke ~ Dragonaut - The Resonance ~ Shion no Ou


All for you~ With best wishes from laaerie~




*~Kanika~* - hibernating until the New Year >_<

14. December 2007

(2.45pm GMT+9)



Is it snowing where you are? *wants to see the snow*


Genshiken 2 ~ Shion no Ou ~ Ghost Hound ~ Koutetsu Sangokushi ~ Minami-ke


All links thanks to laaerie~~ Arigatou~~~




*~Kanika~* -- off to find snow for christmas

11. December 2007

(3.40pm GMT+9)



>_< It's summer...it's raining...it's 35'C and it's raining! *buried in the humidity* that's unusual for me! *melts*


Something new today! Or two...or three...


Suteki Tantei Labyrinth ~ Genshiken 2 and the sequel to Kyou Kara Maou - Kyou Kara Maou R! Which...can be found at the same page... *lazy*


And some of the regular stuff too~


Sketchbook ~Full Color's~ ~ Ghost Hound ~ Rental Magica ~ D.Gray-Man just an episode each for them.


All thanks to laaerie who is hanging in by a thread...wee little thread...





8. December 2007

(3.02pm GMT+9)



Welcome to December! Oh...you got here ages ago already? Ah... >_< Moving along~


Kimikiss Pure Rouge ~ Rental Magica ~ Dragonaut - The Resonance ~ Shion no Ou ~ Ghost Hound ~ Moyashimon ~ Minami-ke ~ Majin Tantei Nogami Neuro ~ Sketchbook ~Full Color's~ ~ Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei ~ Koutetsu Sangokushi


It's called being slow and taking two hours to update links >_< Have fun!


All thanks to laaerie~



01. December 2007

(6.30pm GMT+1)



There are two new J-Dramas completely uploaded. One is the older Drama Gift in which Kimura Takuya plays the lead role. The other is Byakkotai with Yamashita Tomohisa and Tanaka Koki as lead cast.


And again I have to ask for your help. Please, PLEASE become more active. We have 2 polls at our YahooGroup and we need more feedback/help from you to keep this group going.



2008 Updates 

01. April 2008

(3.40pm GMT+1)

It's been quite a long time since I last posted here. I've reuploaded the music by Arashi and even added a few more songs. Currently I'm looking through all Drama Links to see which links are broken and need to be reuploaded.

As you probably can see we really need more help from your side. We are still accepting new staff memebers. If you are interested contact one of the 3 main moderators.



26. March 2008

(20.45pm GMT+1)

Some more things to add...

Eric has uploaded and reuploaded a while bunch of Utada Hikaru Stuff. Since I am too lazy to get all the links into the script in here, I just relinked the message links. You need to be registered in our Yahoo Mailing List to see them.


Nabari no Ou, an April's new starting series' Trailer has been added. Don't miss this anime with a gorgeous Soundtrack by Michiru Oushima (FMA, Chevalier)!


Code Geass' second season is coming, too, so there are a couple of teasers and Trailers uploaded.


So much for the last 5 days' worth of uploads.



21. March 2008

(16.10pm GMT+1)

Some more to add: School Rumble 1 and another mirror for Witchblade 1. Thanks to Puika. ^^



09. March 2008

(16.10pm GMT+1)

Now, we ARE getting behind...


But I've added some tracks of the Album SR Samurai by Minagawa Junko, the Seiyuu of Echizen Ryouma of the Series Prince of Tennis. You can get it here.



08. February 2008

(13.10pm GMT+1)

Now how long has it actually been?


Nonetheless, we have an upload: Witchblade 01, as a non-megaupload upload.

Thanks to Elayne!!! *horray*


We are slowly getting alive...



Edit: I've added some links of the older posts of the mailing list. They concern Bleach, Busou Renkin, Initial D Season 1, REC

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