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Lofty Waters Verdant Bow

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Lofty Waters Verdant Bow




Alternative Title: 雲海玉弓緣, Wun Hoi Yuk Goong Yuen (cantonese), Yun Hai Yu Gong Yuen (mandarin)
Genres: Ancient, Wuxia
Summary: The story starts off with Gam Sai Wai (Raymond Lam) when he embarks on his journey to find Lui Sei Leong to get rid of the poison that is passed on by his master into his body. Sai Wai’s master had died because of the poison and before his death, he had told Sai Wai to go find Lui Sei Leong because she can help him. During his journey, he makes friends with lots of people and meets two women who love him very much. The two women are Lai Shing Nam (Michelle Yip) and Kuk Chi Wah (Rain Li). He also gets caught in the affairs of the martial arts world during his journey and keeps on helping the good people, especially Lai Shing Nam and Kuk Chi Wah to fight for justice until he becomes the hero without realizing it.
Number of Episodes: 20
Running time: 44 minutes
Broadcast network: TVB
Broadcast year: 2002
Cast: Raymond Lam as Gam Sai Wai

Michelle Yip as Lai Shing Nam

Rain Lee as Kuk Chi Wah

Mimi Lo as Lee Sum Mui

Power Chan as Kong Nam

Ko Hung (高雄) as Mang San Tung

Felix Lok (駱應鈞) as Duk Long Juen Tse

Fiona Yuen as Cho Min Yee

Ron Ng as Ju Gum Chun

Derek Kwok as Gwok Jing

Hui Siu Hung as Hiu Fung


taken from: d-addicts and spcnet



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Episode Format Fansubber Uploader
01 avi Jem Kella
02 avi Jem Kella
03 avi Jem Kella
04 avi Jem Kella
05 avi Jem Kella
06 avi Jem Kella
07 avi Jem Kella
08 avi Jem Kella
09 avi Jem Kella
10 avi Jem Kella
11 avi Jem Kella
12 avi Jem Kella
13 avi Jem Kella
14 avi Jem Kella


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