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List single tracks JPop

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Single tracks Jpop


This site only lists the music of Jpop/Asian artist, if their absolute uploaded number is less than 10, and therefore not fitting into having an own repective site.

Info/Links may cross with those of the single Tracks Anime who lists the songs by their Anime.



* marks those direct uploads not hosted by a hoster but as such as geocities or tripod. Use save target as for them. (If it does not work, see intructions below. If it still not working then, ask for help via the mailing list).

² marks resricted direct downloads. Check out the database of the group for them.


Artist Track Album/Single description
Mika Nakashima Cry No More Single 'Cry no More' Blood+ ED 2
Angela Aki Kiss Me Goodbye ? FFXII theme
Angela Aki Kiss from a Rose - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]1
Angela Aki Kiss me Good-Bye - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]1
Angela Aki Rain ? -
Angela Aki This Love ? Blood+ ED 3
Angela Aki This Love - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]1
Angela Aki Uchuu ? -
Angela Aki Your Love Song ? -
Asian Kung-Fu Generation Haruka Kanata ? Naruto OP/ED
Boa Do the Motion - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]1
Boa Everlasting - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]1
Boa Mega Step - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]1
Chieko Kawabe Sakura Kiss ? Ouran High School Host Club Opening
Do As Infinity Fukai Mori - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]1
Do As Infinity Rakuen - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]1
Hajime Chitose Kataritsugu Koto Blood+ ED 1 part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Hitomi Takahashi Kataritsugu Koto Blood+ OP 1 part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
K Only Human - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Kouda Kumi I'll be There - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Kouda Kumi Ningyo Hime - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Maaya Sakamoto Gravity - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Maaya Sakamoto Hikari No Naka E - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Maaya Sakamoto Yubiwa Single version - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Mika Nakashima Aishiteru ? -
Mika Nakashima Cry no More - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Mika Nakashima Find the Way ? -
Mika Nakashima Find the Way - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]2
Mika Nakashima Glamorous Sky - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]3
Mika Nakashima Legend ? -
Mika Nakashima Yuki no Hana ? -
Olivia inspi' Reira Trapnest A Little Pain - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]3
Remioromen 3gatsu 9ka - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]3
Remioromen Konayuki - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]3
Utada Hikaru Hikari; Light - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]3
Utada Hikaru Passion - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]3
Yano Maki ashburn - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]4
Yano Maki ashburn - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]4
Yano Maki Samidare - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]4
Yano Maki Yakyoku (Night Song) - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]4
Younha aoi lemon - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]4
Younha Ashita, Tenki ni Nare - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]4
Younha Houshi Bouki Bleach ED 3 Single part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]4
Younha negai wa hitotsu - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]5
Younha Omoide ni dekinai - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]5
Younha Te wo Tsunaide Jyu oh Sei ED part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]5
Yui Life Bleach ED 5 Single/From me to you part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]5
Yuna Ito Faith - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]5
Yuna Ito I'm Free - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]5

Yuna ItoI'm Free?-

Yuna Ito Journey - part of [http://animesharing.pbwiki.com/Mare%27s%20random%20music]5



If the tripod of geocities host say page is not avaiable:

One think is, that it is temporaryly unavaible. Then please be patient and wait a while. If just said 'This page is not available.' the you may have the need to copy and paste the link into a new browser. For that you need to right click the link and click the attributes. If it is, that then the file would just open you need to paste the geocities main link, if you just past that link (just leave out the file name) and you will have about 3-5 file in a directory site. there you can normally use save Target as. As for tripod links if they open directly, copy their link into whatever forum or mail and press preview, there you can use the save target as well.


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