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Koda Kumi

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Koda Kumi made her debut in late 2000, but it wasn't until 2002 that her debut album, affection, made its way onto the scene. She has only recently started to gain some more wide-spread popularity, thanks to reasons such as her appearing on the Japanese soundtrack of Final Fantasy X-2, her fresh Urban music style, her revealing photo-shoots as well as her "12 Days of Christmas" wide-scale releases of one single every week starting in December 2005.


She is misono's older sister.

Album: Kingdom


Album: feel my mind

Single: Cherry Girl / Unmei (運命)

Release date: 2006.12.06

01 Cherry Girl

02 Unmei

03 Cherry Girl Space Cowboy Remix~

04 Cherry Girl (Instrumental) 

05 Unmei (Instrumental) 

cover (CD) 1

cover (CD) 2

cover (CD+DVD) 1

cover (CD+DVD) 2


    • Information:**

Cherry Girl / Unmei is Koda Kumi's 34th single, released in both CD+DVD (limited version) and CD only versions. Cherry Girl has been described as an uptempo number, while Unmei is a ballad. Cherry Girl is used for the drama Cherry Girl as it's theme song. Unmei is being used as Oh-Oku's theme song. The first press of the CD only version included a bonus track, an original sticker and a password to access a special Koda Kumi website. The first press of the CD+DVD version includes all of this, plus a special Cherry Girl drama trailer. Because this single sold 61,817 copies in 2006, it became the #145 single of the year. The single sold an additional 38,458 copies in 2007 making it to a total of 100,275 copies sold.

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