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Kaleido Star

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Alternative title:Kaleido Star: New Wings

カレイドスター (Japanese)

카레이도 스타 (Korean)

Related Anime:Kaleido Star: New Wings Extra Stage (OAV) (sequel)

Kaleido Star ~Layla Hamilton Monogatari~ (OAV) (sequel)

Kaleido Star: Good dayo! Goood!! (OAV)

Genres:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
Plot Summary:Sora, a young girl from Japan, comes to America in search of her dream. She wants, with all her heart, to be a member of the famous Kaleido Stage, a combination of musicals, acrobatics and magical effects. With the help of her friends, she struggles to make this dream come true.
Running time:23 minutes
Number of episodes:51
Vintage:2003-04-03 to 2004-03-27

2006-04-08 to 2006-07-02 (Philippines)

Seasons:1. Kaleido Star, 26 eps (2003-04-03 to 2003-09-25)

2. Kaleido Star: New Wings (Shin Tanaru Tsubasa), 25 eps (2003-10-04 to 2004-03-27)

Opening Theme:#1: "TAKE IT SHAKE IT" by Sugar (eps 1-13)

#2: "Yakusoku no basho e" by Chihiro Yonekura (eps 14-26)

#3: "Tattoo Kiss" by r.o.r/s (eps 27-51)

Ending Theme:#1: "real Identity" by Sugar (eps 1-13)

#2: "Boku wa kokoni iru" by SOPHIA (eps 14-26)

#3: "Escape" by r.o.r/s (eps 27-50)

#4: "Yakusoku no basho e" by Chihiro Yonekura with Kaleido Stars (ep 51)


info from:Anime News Network



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EpisodeTitleFile TypeUploaderSubbed by
01My First Time! So Great! The StageavikuroPhoenix Anime
02Lone Great ChallengeavikuroPhoenix Anime
03The Distant Great Stage!avikuroPhoenix Anime
04If I work hard... A Great... Chance!avikuroPhoenix Anime
05The Always Very Distant FamilyavikuroPhoenix Anime
06The Small But Great SealavikuroPhoenix Anime
07The Great Girl Who Doesn't SmileavikuroPhoenix Anime
08Beyond Adversity, A Great StaravikuroPhoenix Anime
09The Great Battle to the Starring RoleavikuroPhoenix Anime
10The Great Wall on the Way to the Starring RoleavikuroPhoenix Anime
11Anna's Not so Amazing DadavikuroPhoenix Anime
12Burning Hot Incredible BeginneravikuroPhoenix Anime
13Summon the Storm! The Amazing Coact!avikuroPhoenix Anime
14Mysterious Amazing CircusavikuroPhoenix Anime
15The Great Love of the Singing PrincessavikuroPhoenix Anime
16The Great Dark RumoravikuroPhoenix Anime
17Burn! Super Mia!avikuroPhoenix Anime
18Yuri's Great TrapavikuroPhoenix Anime
19Great Bonds of a FamillyavikuroPhoenix Anime
20Great Start From ZeroavikuroPhoenix Anime
21The Amazing Mysterious Masked ActoravikuroPhoenix Anime
22The Great Resolution Under the MaskavikuroPhoenix Anime
23The Great Mystical ActavikuroPhoenix Anime
24Endless Intensive TrainingavikuroPhoenix Anime
25Their Amazing PartnershipavikuroPhoenix Anime
26An Amazing Revival Full of ScarsavikuroPhoenix Anime
27The Amazing Prologue to Stardom Part 1avikuroPhoenix Anime
28The Amazing Prologue to Stardom Part 2avikuroPhoenix Anime
29Amazing New RivalavikuroPhoenix-Anime & Shinsen
30Another Amazing RookieavikuroPhoenix-Anime & Shinsen
31The Amazing and Passionate RivalavikuroPhoenix-Anime & Shinsen
32Amazing Showdown on IceavikuroPhoenix-Anime & Shinsen
33Amazing Rosetta in Sweat and TearsavikuroPhoenix-Anime & Shinsen
34Still Amazing Miss LaylaavikuroFreedom-Rise
35Marion's Awesome DebutavikuroFreedom-Rise
36The Amazing Special Training With LeonavikuroFreedom-Rise
37Two People's Awesome DemonsavikuroFreedom-Rise
38The Angel's Amazing Counterattack!avikuroFreedom-Rise
39The Cruel Amazing FestivalavikuroFreedom-Rise
40The Heavyhearted Amazing Return HomeavikuroFreedom-Rise
41The Amazing Decision for a Fresh StartavikuroFreedom-Rise
42The Humiliating Awesome Co-starringavikuroFreedom-Rise
43Mr. Policeman's Amazing ProposalavikuroFreedom-Rise
44The Amazing Lift Off of SmilesavikuroFreedom-Rise
45Leon's Amazing PastavikuroFreedom-Rise
46The Amazing Duel of FateavikuroFreedom-Rise
47The Amazing Angel Swoops DownavikuroFreedom-Rise
48The Amazing Wounded SwanavikuroFreedom-Rise
49Each and Everyone's Amazing TomorrowavikuroFreedom-Rise
50Not Avoiding The Earth-Shattering CombatmkvkuroAnime Tracker Coalition
51To The Promise's Amazing LocationmkvkuroAnime Tracker Coalition
Extra 1Extra Stageavikurono subs - raw
Extra 2Legend of PhoenixavikuroHikari no Kiseki
Extra 3It's Good! Good!avikuroHikari no Kiseki





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