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The FAQ of A-S


This is the FAQ. The Frequently Asked Questions.

General Questions

What is A-S?

A-S or A-Sis the short form of Anime_Sharing, the group’s name.


What is LQ, HQ, MQ, AQ?

Actually it doesn’t pop up that often.

LQ is Low Quality. HQ is High Quality. M stands for Medium and A for Average. These two are practically the same.


What are Mods?

Mod stand for Moderator. You can say, the bosses of the Group XD.


  • What does EP/Eps/EPIs mean?

They stand for Episode. This term doesn’t just cover ‘Episodes’ but also all the related stuff. (OAV, Movies etc.)


What does OAV/OVA mean?

These are special Anime episodes. They are normally not aired on TV, but you have to buy it in Japan. Practically, like the movies, it’s something extra.


Am I allowed to post the links elsewhere?

Yes you are. But only with credit to the uploader and the Group.


Contacting Mods-How?

If you go to the members page of the Yahoo Group, you can click on moderators. That is us. 

You can also go to the Staffs page of this Wiki site.


How can I support this group?

Simple keep it alive. :)

Help out people who have problems and answer questions if you can.




Downloading Questions


There is some Download that have message invalid-What to do?

Post it to the group or the Errors table in the database, or comment here. We mods will take care of it being erased from the database/Wiki. If you want this particular file just request a re-upload.


How do I request?

Simply post a message to the mailing list. Or use this form


What does ‘restricted direct download’ mean?

That means, the link is only available in the groups database. 


How do I unsplit Winrar Archives?

See Winrar unsplitting instructions  




Upload Questions

How do I upload?**

See Upload instructions.


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