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Drama Status

Page history last edited by Kamenashi Sayuri 16 years ago

This is a list of all Dramas we have right now and their status.


Last Update: 1. December 2007 (6.15pm GMT+1)


SeriesAiring/Release statusUpload status
Bambino (J-Drama)Complete (11 Episodes)11 Episodes
Byakkotai (J-Drama)Complete (1 Episode + Extra)1 Episode + Extra
Death Note (J-Movie)Complete
Devil Beside You (TW-Drama)Complete?
Doremisora (J-Drama)??
Dragon Zakura (J-Drama)Completeincomplete
Engine (J-Drama)Complete (11 Episodes + Promo Special11 Episodes + Promo Special
Gift (J-Drama)Complete (11 Episodes)11 Episodes
Gokusen (J-Drama)Complete (12 Episodes + 2 Specials)12 Episodes + 2 Specials
Gokusen 2 (J-Drama)Complete (10 Episodes)10 Episodes
Good Luck (J-Drama)Complete (10 Episodes)10 Episodes
Great Inheritance (K-Drama)Complete (17 Episodes)17 Episodes
Green Rose (K-Drama)Complete (22 Episodes)?
Hanayome to Papa (J-Drama)Complete (12 Episodes)12 Episodes
Hana Yori Dango (J-Drama)Complete (9 Episodes)9 Episodes
Hero (J-Drama)Complete (11 Episodes)11 Episodes
Hice Cool (J-Drama)Complete?
Kanjani8 Winter Break SP (J-Drama)Complete (3 Episode)2 Episodes
Liar Game (J-Drama)Ongoing?
Lofty Waters Verdant Bow (C-Drama)Complete (20 Episodes)incomplete
My Boss, My Hero (J-Drama)Complete?
Pride (J-Drama)Complete (11 Episodes)11 Episodes
Prince of Tennis Movie (J-Movie)Complete (1 Episode)1 Episode
Proposal Daisakusen (J-Drama)Airing (11 Episodes)8 Episodes
Remote (J-Drama)Complete (10 Episodes)10 Episodes
Salaryman Kintaro - Season 1 (J-Drama)Complete (11 Episodes)2 Episodes
Sang Doo, Let's Go To School (K-Drama)Complete?
Stand Up!! (Drama)??
Tatta Hitotsu no Koi (J-Drama)Complete (10 Episodes)10 Episodes
Tokkyu Tanaka 3 Go (J-Drama)Airing (12 Episodes + 1 Special)10 Episodes + 1 Special
Yasha (J-Drama)Complete (11 Episodes)11 Episodes
Yuuki (J-Drama)Complete (1 Episode)1 Episode



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