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Di Gi Charat

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Alternative title: デ ジ キャラット (Japanese)
Genres: Comedy, Science Fiction, Shounen
Plot Summary: DiGi Charat is a series of shorts created as advertisements for "Digital Gamers," a store in Akihabara. The series follows Dejiko, princess of DiGi Charat planet, and her companions, Puchiko and Gema, as well as Dejiko's rival, Rabi~en~Rose through daily ordeals they encounter while working at Gamers. Princess Digi Charat came from the planet Digi Charat given only a cat cap and outfit to disguise herself. Unfortunatly she came with no money, only her guardian Gema and friend Petite Charat. Luckily the 3 stumbled upon a manager of the store Gamerz, who offered them a home if they worked at the store. However Digi Charat is a selfish young girl who wishes of becoming a star.
Running time: 4 minutes
Number of episodes: 16
Vintage: 1999-11-29 to 2000-12-23
Opening Theme: "Only One, No. 1" by Masami Okui
Ending Theme: "Happy Day" by Asami Sanada, Miyuki Sawashiro, and Kyoko Hikami


taken from: Anime News Network



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