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Ayumi Hamasaki

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Ayumi Hamasaki

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Ayumi Hamasaki is a J-Pop singer and song-writer under the Avex Trax label although most of her vinyls were released under the Rhythm Republic label. A former model, she was raised in a single-parent family, and was rebellious growing up. She eventually dropped out of high school, only to be discovered by chance at a karaoke night. Despite an unsuccessful first single in 1995 (her first single was of the rap genre), she debuted in the pop scene with poker face in 1998 and thousands of fans attest to her attractiveness and musical potential.


Since LOVE ~destiny~, nearly every one of her singles has landed in the top three, helping to set her status as a successful singer-songwriter in stone. Ayumi has a large collection of albums available on the Avex Trax label, including some remix albums that provide a slightly more enjoyable dance experience for those so inclined. Her large fanbase and regularly strong sales would suggest that she's something worth listening to. Ayumi is also the all-time 4th best-selling artist in Japan with sales of over 45 million copies of her albums and singles and the highest selling solo and female artist in Japan. Ayumi is also the only solo artist to have sold 20 million singles in Japan. She has worked with a diverse selection of companies, and has promoted many products. Panasonic is currently at the top of the list. She had her own TV show called "AYU READY?" and a doll called Ayupan.


She has sold over 45,528,000 copies in Japan alone. She currently has 27 #1 singles (15 consecutive) and 12 consecutive #1 albums. She was the 39th biggest taxpayer in Japan for 2002 and 37th for 2003,she once accounted for 40% of her label's income.


info from: http://wiki.theppn.org


Album Uploads:


A Song for XX


MY STORY Classical





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01 - A Song for XX

02 - Trust

03 - Depend on you

04 - Love~Destiny~

05 - TO BE

06 - Boys & Girls

07 - Trauma

08 - End Roll


10 - Fly High

11 - Vogue

12 - Far away

13 - Seasons


15 - M

16 - Who...


Release date: 2001.03.28



Lyrics: Ayumi Hamasaki

Producer: Matsuura Max

Sound Producer: Nato Suzuki

Production Assistant: Akiyama Yuka

Mastered by: Miyamoto Shigeo



A BEST is the first "best of" album from J-Pop artist Hamasaki Ayumi. There is some controversy surrounding this album as it has the same release date of Utada Hikaru's Distance album, thus staggering the sales of both albums. Whether avex intentionally pushed the release of this album to be at the same time as Distance remains a controversial topic. The songs "A Song for XX," "Trust," and "Depend on you" were re-recorded for this album. Though this was her best selling album, Hamasaki Ayumi opposed of it publicly, stating "it was too early for release." This album sold more than 4,300,000 copies to date. The album reached #1 in Oricon charts and charted for 48 weeks.


Info take from: Wiki.theppn.org


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A Song for XX


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01 - Prologue

02 - A Song for XX

03 - Hana



06 - poker face

07 - Wishing

08 - YOU

09 - As If...

10 - Powder Snow

11 - trust

12 - Depend on you

13 - Signal

14 - from your letter

15 - For My Dear....

16 - Present


Release date: 1999.01.01



A Song For ×× is the debut album released by Ayumi Hamasaki. Though the scheduled release was New Year's Day, the album was beginning to sell in stores in mid-December. The album debuted at the top position on the Oricon chart, and stayed on the charts for 63 weeks and sold more than 1,800,000 copies to date.


Info take from: Wiki.theppn.org


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(Disc 1)

03 - Trauma

04 - And Then

05 - immature (album version)

07 - TO BE

08 - End roll

09 - P.S. II

10 - WHATEVER (Dub's 1999 Remix)

11 - too late

12 - appears (album version)

13 - monochrome

14 - Interlude

15 - LOVE~refrain~

16 - Who...

Track 01 - Introduction, track 02 - Fly High, track 06 - Boys & Girls aren't uploaded.


(Disc 2)

01 - Ayu's Euro Mega-mix (Y&Co. Mix)

02 - Ayu's House Mega-mix (N.S. House Mix)

03 - A Song for XX (Millennium Mix)

04 - Powder Snow (Acoustic Orchestra Version)

05 - Friend II (Make My Mad Mix)


Release date: 1999.11.11



LOVEppears is Hamasaki Ayumi's second album. It's also sometimes known as Love Appears. The song monochrome's ending was modified to flow the album better. Ayumi also resung LOVE ~Destiny~ and retitled it LOVE ~refrain~. This album, like A Song For XX, debuted at the top of charts but stayed on a week longer. The album's single LOVE ~Destiny~ was her first #1 hit, and Boys & Girls was her first single to sell over a million copies. The single A featured four tracks, all A-sides, which holds the record for the longest Japanese CD single. The tracks Fly high and kanariya were re-released a few months later as singles. kanariya is the first re-cut single in Oricon history to hold the top position.


Info take from: Wiki.theppn.org


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MY STORY Classical

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1. Wonderland

2. Moments

3. Happy Ending

4. Game

5. Hope or Pain

6. Kaleidoscope

7. Carols

8. Walking Proud

9. Catcher in the Light

10. Honey

11. Winding Road

12. a song is born (Bonus Track)


Release date: 2005.03.24




MY STORY was re-released with a classical version of the album, conducted by Sado Yutaka. Track 12 (a song is born) was composed by Hamasaki Ayumi as a gift to Japan's Royal Couple. It was featured as the main song for the "Love the Globe Exhibition" event.


The tracks About You, my name's WOMEN, Liar, Inspire, Replace and Humming 7/4 from MY STORY do not appear on this album.


This album has sold approximately 82,000 copies.


Info take from: Wiki.theppn.org

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Release date:

2006.11.29 (Japan, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong)

2006.12.02 (Singapore)

2006.12.14 (Korea and Malaysia)



1. Not yet

2. until that Day...

3. Startin'

4. 1 LOVE

5. It was



8. momentum

9. taskinst

10. Born To Be...

11. Beautiful Fighters


13. kiss o' kill

14. Secret


Uploader: Elayne



Secret is Hamasaki Ayumi's eighth album. It debuted at the top spot of the Oricon weekly chart with first week sales of 386,280 copies, outselling the number two album for a large 160,129 copies. However, its first week sales are about 263,000 lower than her last studio album (miss)understood showing. This is because the "first week sales" of (miss)understood were actually the sales of two weeks, as Oricon blends the last week of a year with the first one of the following year, making an Oricon Year with 51 weeks only. The same rule applies for the first week sales of her I am... album. 'It was' (Track #5) was originally produced for her previous album (miss)understood but for some unknown reason it wasn't included on it.


Secret is also believed to be Ayumi's most successful album yet in worldwide sales. Not only did Secret top the Japanese charts, the album was an instant number-1 hit in countries as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and China surpassing the (miss)understood international success, being in Taiwan the #2 japanese album of the year with a 3.54% of total sales.


Hamasaki Ayumi's 3rd best compilation (A BEST 2 ~BLACK~ and A BEST 2 ~WHITE~

Info take from: Wiki.theppn.org

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