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Akuma na Eros

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Title Akuma na Eros
Mangaka Shinjo Mayu
Genre Shoujo, Romance, Fantasy, Smut
Summary So you wander into a used bookstore and happen upon an old, used book. But this isn't just an old, used book, it's ancient-looking and is known as a Book of Shadows or a spell book and you know you really shouldn't but you really want to pick it up. Are you a good Catholic girl and put it down? Or do you tempt fate and bring it home?

Chapters 16 and 17 of volume 4 are two extra called Satanic Honey and Satanic Cohabitation.


Status 4 volumes (complete)


Latest release vol 4 ch 17




ShoujoMagic & Animesy


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Volume Chapter Uploader
01 - 04 1 - 17 Mare


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