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Page history last edited by Luna 15 years ago

Stuff that needs to be added into the sections/Message boards of us mods ^^

Templates for adding new series



For series with splitted files:



Back html function:



works like the backbotton of the browser.

Wiki logs account: wiki.logs@gmail.com ; pass: animesharing


Log into these accounts regularly - Accounts


Pages to be created and added to the directories: Jigoku Shoujo Drama


Pages to be created: Hinokio (Links are here - subs at 4shared subs account)

Cleo (13/09/08)

The link is a folder to all uploaded files of the drama Salaryman Kintaro.


Those two are our link checkers.



Luna (09/08/08)

Way too long it's been....


Cleo, I'm getting confused with your link...


What Eps are in actually?


Besides, who is saladgrl , saladgrl@yahoo.com ?

and celestial_dr... deenryo4evr@sbcglobal... ?

They are listed among the moderators...

Cleo (01/04/08)

Woah... it's been 3 months since I wrote here the last time.


Luna this person called Kevin should be demoted. He's never done anything. Maybe he isn't even in the group anymore. I'll try to be a bit more active again, but I have quite a lot of work plus horseback riding lessons twice a week.


Luna (08/02/07)

Minna san, ogenki desu ka?


It REALLY has been a while. For at least the whole january it has been really dead.

Just on a side note, this Kevin person. Has anybody heard of him/her?

I am thinking, perhaps we should demote this person to a normal member, if he/she does nothing.

Cleo (01/01/08)

A happy new year to everyone.


I'm going to upload some Anime OST's to the 4shared account anime_ml_01@yahoo.de and hope that someone else could add the links to the wiki afterwards. I'm quite busy since I work over 9 hours a day and want to do some relaxing stuff afterwards instead of working on formating links to fit the wiki.

Akatsuki (24/12/07)


Hello everybody. I wish you all a merry x-mas. I hope you all get some nice gifts, many snow and beautiful days. ^-^

Luna (23/11/07)

~~~~ If you have read that Kanika, ignore it. We've had a japanese visitior in clas yesterday evening and he said (in the most polite manner possible) that he couldn't understand a word. I'm currently reworking it.~~~



And if you still find some time...


Enchanting Reverie, the summary and scribble collection has reached 68 pages! And a sequel to the trilogy has also sprung out of my head.

I can't wait to start the series. But I know that I have yet to be patient, since I have to read heaps of Mountains more and practice a lot before I actually start it. And the Plot is still developing.

But I would be really curious, how much is left oh your commment 'It reminds me of FMA'. (I changed it over and over....)

But I suppose you won't finde the time to read that...


Oh, I wandered off-topic again.


As for the pics: I like both, but the second better. (Has a nice catchphrase.)

Maybe we should just use the other one in January? Then it wouldn't be wasted.


As for hosts:

www.filefactory.com (I like the multiple upload)

www.bigupload.com has REALLY a fast spead (at least in the library here it had,but it has no flie list.)

www.aniup.com never tested it...

www.uploading.com ist not bad, but I received once a virus, when I downloaded something from it, so I avoid it.



And that are some LInks I have found, but not yet checked:

http://board.protecus.de/t20366.htm List

http://www.ghacks.net/2005/12/09/free-file-host-list-december-2005/ List

http://fileho.com/ ?

http://www.sharebigfile.com/ 75MB

http://www.file-upload.net/ 100MB

http://www.content-type.com/ 100MB

http://www.uploadyourfiles.de/upload.asp 200MB

http://www.megafileupload.com/ 200MB

http://files-upload.com/ 300MB

http://www.rapidupload.com/ 300MB

http://simpleupload.net/ 301 MB

http://www2.bigupload.com/upload2.php?r=1&toolbar= 500MB

http://www.spread-it.com/ 500MB

http://uploadhosted.filefront.com/ 1GB

http://www.transferbigfiles.com/ 2Gb


Or look at this:


There are other file-host sites listed there, some of them with other hosts. Perhaps we can look through them and find good hosts.


I really think a change of host would do good. I really hate megaupload.


And as for those which gets donations.

Actually most of them don't survive more than 7 month.

anime-element und animorc are but 2 examples.


I still hope, that this treacherous anime Sharing domain site will die. >_>


But there are some who survive, like Anime-Eden.

But only few.


OR. And that will be VERY HARD work...

We could change to pure html. Then we could make the site look better. (If we find somebody who is able to do that...)

But that will be more work...

And we would have to move all the links...


Besides... I've had an idea. We should make some main site, were there is a link for the Wiki and the yahoo group. like at www.the-oro.com

I think it would be helfull, because we have two pages and alsways naming both is a little tiresome. Just an idea...


Kanika (23/11/07)


Those banners are gorgeous, as always Akatsuki~ I like the top one...of the two for the wiki. In fact I like both so it really doesn't matter~


What else can you upload anime to other than Mega, for starters? Also...there are HEAPS of direct download places out there that keep up to date with the latest anime with reasonable if not really good speeds so...hard to compete with that. But of course they get donations and we're just a wee little wiki that doesn't have the capacity for such a thing~


Er...and other than stating the obvious I still have nothing to help!

Cleo (19/11/07)

I like the second wiki banner better XD.

About the idea with torrent:

I don't think it's a good idea, because everything is shared with torrents by the subteams. I thought we are doing this with the uploading to hosts for those who can't use Bittorrent. I'm downloading most of the stuff I have with BT.

Another aspect of BT is that you need always people who keep sharing the file. And as I can see it we have nearly noone who is willing to re-share / keep the BT's open.

I hope the two polls I've made will help us to figure out what we should use for the uploads.

Akatsuki (19/11/07)

the banner for december:



and I made two for the wiki... I can't choose ^^'


I spoke with Luna about the problem and I have some idea. What is with torrent. We can upload the torrents here too. My problem is I can't upload epis ( there are to big) but small things are ok. Torrents are not so big. When you want I can upload this.


Cleo (16/11/07)

About the bad download ratio: MU is most likely one of the reasons why noone downloads from us. I had already tried to use MF but I can only upload one file at a time. And this isn't very effective when I'm not at home.

We also need more feedback from the group members. I know that some don't have the time and bandwidth to help with uploading but it can't be that we are the only ones who contribute to the group. I decided to start uploading again (and I hope the work isn't pointless).

Kanika (14/11/07)


Hai hai! I'll take a look~


Luna (09/11/07)

Now ain't I stupid? I uploaded something and actually managed to delete it >_> *stupid*


it's so horrid that the libry changed soemthing, so that I can't upload anymore!




Kanika, my japanese short Story (5 pages) is finished, di you want to take a try in reading it? *looks with doggy eyes*


Luna (09/11/07)

lacks internet time badly.... So much to do!!

Anyways, on a short note, can somebody enter these accounts once?

Or they expire, passwords are in the database.






and somebody add this:


that's shining tears X Wind EP 4.



As for the nearly zero downloads...

I suppose Magaupload is at fault.

I know from myself that i get an allergical reaction before MU, and it really ANNOYS!

Perhaps we should use other hosts, in turns, so one could download three or even more files at once and then the series is much fast downloaded.

It's just my hunch, I'm really stuck at megaupload, the trick can't work with me, so I caonly download one file in one week! *hates MU*


Kanika (08/11/07)


Ahoy peeps~ I've been busy with end of year uni stuff and am actually in the middle of my exam study period, but I've come out of hiding for something important.


I think we need to re-evaluate this wiki...because I've just discovered that despite the many visitors we get it appears that very little, in fact mostly none, of the anime are getting downloaded. Weird I know! I was very surprised considering the amount of views the pages get each week...especially the older ones that are more popular! But alas...weirdness aside...something has to be done because I'm starting to feel this is very pointless.


I like the wiki and thought it would be a good way for people to download easily but even with all the effort to get affiliates the imput is near none. And although I dont intend to sound dramatic...we have one uploader...need I say more?


Anyway~ Don't actually know what to say other than that! Just thought I'd let you know whats happening and get some feedback~



Akatsuki (04/11/07)



here are the banner for the list. I hope they are ok ^^'


Luna (30/10/07)

Aka-chan: The library says this:

Access denied by SmartFilter content category. The requested URL belongs to the following categories: Art/Culture/Heritage, Nudity, Personal Pages.

i.e. i can't look at it. =_=


@ Cleo: oh? I suppose I'll try it.


Yesterday a mail for tandem learning request came. But well.. yet no answer...

It has already failed once with another japanese girl and once with a chinese guy...

(sometimes people are just running away from me...)


Okay, let's let Kanika do it then ^^



two nother topics:

first, elayne has contacted me and she is wondering whether she got kicked out of the group.

I can't check, since the library blocks it, too.


second... I can't upload anything in the library anymore T___T

normal Eps won't and now I tried 150 MB pieces and it won't, too.

Maybe I can still upload Osts, but >_>

This is just horrid, isn't it?


Cleo (29/10/07)

I know that my timetable is confusing. At the beginning I always had to ask when I had to be at work. I only get to see the Japanese walking by or standing in the cafeteria to smoke. But nothing more.

Someone to train Japanese with... Maybe you could try to write to this adress to find pen pals from Japan:

Stefanie Rosig

Postfach 1239

06732 Bitterfeld

I read the adress with following text in an issue of Koneko: "Hallo Pen Friends, wer möchte BF in den USA, Japan, England, Australien, Asien oder sonstige Länder weltweit? Meldet euch einfach per Post bei mir."


Kanika is a really good writer. Let's see if she has time to do it. As far as I know she had exams...


The mascot is totally kawai :)

Akatsuki (29/10/07)


oh sorry I forgot something: the mascot is ready ^^'


here is the link: http://akatsuki03.deviantart.com/art/A-S-mascot-68507736


Luna (29/10/07)

*Gets confused only by reading*

Cleo, you have a weird timetable...

But you come to meet japanese? I envy you... I wish I could have somebody to train my japanese with. (The other in my course all have since they were in japan T___T)


Banner--> let's just let Aka-chan do it.


Text: I had the impression that it would be great if Kanika or Kella do this. Since English is their native language they should tend the least to write something wrong. And I somethimes really think that both of them have something in their update-writing that just invites. Especially Kanika is so merry...


Speaking of Kanika. Where did she disappear to? Don't tell me she really went to Japan.


Akatsuki (29/10/07)


I'm the same opinion that we join this list. I can make a banner for it. ^-^



Cleo (27/10/07)

Sorry for my absence, but I'm kinda stressed out by my working hours. When I finally get used to a time it changes again. It's always the same. 4days working from 6am-2pm, one day free, 4 days from 2pm-10mp, 4 days from 10pm-6am, 2 days free and then it starts again... I'm getting very tired from those working hours but I really need the money. Other than that (and standing 8 hours on one point without moving from it) it's really nice to work at Nintendo. Sometimes you get to see Japanese during the breaks (but it's happening very seldom). I'm teaching my coworkers a few japanese words XD. Today I was asked what monkey is in Japanese :P

Alight now I have to get ready for bed (just came home from work...)

Edit: Forgot to say that we should join the list. If you give me a raw draft of what to write for the description, I'll do it.

And about the banners: They are excellent. Especially the drawn one with Cloud and the Keyblade XD

Luna (27/10/07)

Well, it really is SILENT here. What's happened?


Anyways Aka-chan has asked, whether or not the banners are approved, since no response came.


And I found THIS:



Perhaps we should join the list, too?

But then somebody need to write the desciption and we need a little banner for that, too.

I don't want to write the description, because my writing is rather awful.

Akatsuki (19/10/07)


Hello everyone sorry that I was so long not here but I have really much stress and I'm not at home. Only at the weekend T_T


I'm ready with the banners for the next month. I have a new idee for the yahoo side. I drew everytime something.



ok this are the ones for november. I hope they are ok...


Luna (17/10/07)

*terrified by her horrible writing*

Oh my, my typing mistakes sure get worse, when I am in a hurry.


I have some more uploads, I'll just list them here right now:

http://www.bigupload.com/d=NJ3AFYH52J Gin iro 5






Cleo (16/10/07)

I created a new e-mail which can be used for uploads.


Password: animesharing

Luna (13/10/07)

Somebody please update the uploads I have posted via mail (the ones with jigoku Shoujo and Bakumatsu and Naruto)

I have deleted the original mails, and now I even deleted my own mail, while I have no access to the yahoo group, because the stupid library blocks it...

Cleo (05/10/07)

Count me out. I haven't learned enough yet to read anything in japanese.

Luna (04/10/07)

Aka-chan's mouse (and keyboard) is hell for me....


well, I added my own and Kanika's links now.


I really wish I did that yesterday in the library where there are normal keyboards...




On a trivial side note...

Kanika, Kella, Cleo... I don't really know how much japanese you've already learned, but do you mind reading and commenting a japanese short story from me? I'm writing one right now for the competition of foreign languages.

(Dead line is 6th of december)


Cleo (04/10/07)

Could someone please log into all 4shared Accounts? I just came home from work and need time for myself to relax now. If noone logs in, everything that was uploaded will be lost.

Kanika (04/10/07)


Breezing in~~~ For some really strange and bizarre reason I can't update the front page! very perplexing~ So could someone put up on the front page that these links (uploads thanks to laaerie)~~~


http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U7H35S00 Darker than Black - ep 24

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WE1YWOWG Darker than Black - ep 25

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0YIO0ASS D. Gray Man - 50

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=104MLZR8 Touka Gettan - 23 s

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EP9WKWA2 Lovely Complex - 23

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=7J8ALGCS Kikoushi Enma - 04

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MVDTHK59 koutetsu Sangokushi - 14


~~~ have been added to their respective pages? I've already put them in. I just can't update the front page. I did it yesterday and when I saved and logged out it it didn't show anything! talk about eerie~ I did it twice...still wont do it today either. Also can everything already on the front page be copied into the archives? I tried that and it also didn't work.


Anyway as for the links above...just again...they've already been added to their pages...just need someone to post them on the front page. Thank you muchly~~~ *big hugs*

Luna (02/10/07)

Now, everytime some lessons get canceled I actually end up in the internet...

Not very good...


@ Aka: I was there with the kendo last year. I don't have pics, but some of my japanese classmates.


As I am running out of time... Sombody please add the links above... And nana, Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre and Asatte no Houkou need an extra page!


Akatsuki (26/9/07)


O_O omg Luna you was at sunnday at the festival too.... Do you made some photos from the Kendo??? You know I love kendo so much >_<

oh yes I have really funny photos were Luna "use" the BIG Hammer like Rabi from D.Gray-man XD lol...

Teh festival was really funny. Only the food was not so good. Not my taste >_> I like rice but not sweet...

The origami was funny, because Luna and a friend from me fought with the instruction and two japaness boys tinker one crane crane after another lol



When you all want to see some images ask me... ^-^



Luna (26/9/07)

This week... Is strange!!!

SO many classes were canceled, and I still don't have time to go to the internet!

How very strange!

(At least I can sleep longer...)


Fire Brigade: Well... We went for a 1h stroll, my mother cooked flesh-soup and that burned, everywhere was smoke and out neighbour calles the fire brigade. O___o

The came with all, this big red car and 16 men and then they took this MONTROUS ventilator to blow the smoke out of the whole building!!! That was a pretty strong wind!

(Considering we live in the first floor and the ventilator was still on ground floor, this thing's capability is high!)


Kowai... That brings me down to something else that has been 'kowai'.

You know, Me and Aka-chan and two others went to a japanese school last saturday and there was one event called Mochitsuki, where you use a BIG hammer to hit the rice. Once I almost hit the hand of the poor boy next to it, and then, everytime I hit, he evaded to so much distant, and in the end, cried kowai quiet a couple of times.

It's been so emberassing!!!!!!

(Perhaps Aka-chan has the photo.)

Well... Considerin, I already hit another poor boy with the bamboo stick the other day I was there, while Kendo training, I suppose I AM frightening... T____T


Side note...

Kanika... Are you still interested in Aimee?

Just wondering, since you've been stuck ever since Chapter 7 or 8 or so...

Akatsuki (24/09/07)


Good do know Kanika...


oh Luna I'm ready with you rabbit ^-^ http://akatsuki03.deviantart.com/art/Hasi-und-Katzi-65666864




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